Job Opportunities After MBA in India

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a prestigious postgraduate qualification that provides an overview of key business practices and is highly valued by top employers.

Successfully completing an MBA can lead to a better salary, improved professional reputation and a massively expanded network of business contacts. So, if you’re a graduate with ambitions for a high-flying executive career, an MBA could be just what you need.

MBA programs are beneficial for your career; students who enroll for this course are trained in the practicality of a business environment and after completion step out as skilled professionals. Many MBA aspirants are working professionals and often it’s their company that sponsors for the course, given that they stay loyal to the company after their studies are completed. For service goers, who are not sponsored by their companies, there is a lot of job opportunities post the completion of their course. In a recent study, it was learnt that 90% of MBA professionals are now enjoying full time employment.

The most popular career pathways with MBA graduates are –

• Finance
• Accounting
• Human Resources
• Healthcare
• Marketing
• Education
• Management
• Sales
• Technology Management
• Product Management

Students who successfully complete their MBA course have an option to enter any of the fields specified above. As the student gains expertise and a lot of knowledge about the field, companies are more than glad to hire such employees. In addition, completion of any type of MBA course also results in a good pay package because the teachings of this subject are very important for a company to grow and the students who pass this course have already instilled the learning.

However, MBA are also of certain types – full time MBA( one year MBA & two year), part time MBA, executive MBA and so on. Certain MBA courses need a minimum of 2 years work experience whereas others require a minimum of graduation as eligibility.

Certain modules that students encounter on specialized and broad MBA courses are –

• Marketing
• Economics
• Quantitative Analysis
• Accounting

Higher Education degrees are widely available nowadays and a lot of businesses are welcoming employees with a greater amount of degrees and experiences. Students pursuing MBA in Gurgaon or Delhi – NCR regions have a better chance in accomplishing this as they are trained to excel in every aspect of the job they are looking for in the future.

MBA programs instill crucial business fundamentals now required by corporate leaders and entrepreneurs in fields like finance, economics, marketing, and more. Not only do MBA students learn invaluable skills—their career prospects are often improved as well. Take a look at a few great reasons to pursue your MBA:

Job Opportunities After MBA in India;

Once you know why you want an MBA degree, you should be prepared with a knowledge base of jobs that require this degree. Based on that, you may nurture your career interest. Client relations, consulting, business planning, resource or system analysis may be a part of your job profile, but let’s take a more specific view of the job opportunities after an MBA:

  1. Banking & Finance: This includes security & investment analysis and portfolio management. These jobs, available with banks, security firms, insurance companies, and various financial organizations, require a professional to make right choices about investments. Related job profiles are in Corporate Treasury, Business Operations and Credit Analysis.
  2. Information System ManagementThis requires a more technology-focused candidate, day someone with an MBA in Information Systems. Such candidates identify fresh and up-to-date technologies to serve an organization better. They provide a thorough cost analysis for use of the right technology while working with financial and managerial departments.
  3. Investment Banking: This is a job in demand. Companies that hire for this role include SBI Capital Markets, Motilal Oswal & Bank of America Continuum among many others. The right candidate functions as an underwriter. He/she has to connect investors to fund-needing organizations. The candidate must have the acumen to analyze what fits best for the client. They deal with acquisitions and mergers as well as clients. Other job profiles include those in Treasury, Securities and Investment Management.

These being the top three options, there are more job opportunities for an MBA graduate:

  1. Management ConsultingIf you are a problem solver, this is the job that suits you best. A management consultant specifically solves organizational issues, while embracing fresh ideas and new methods of problem-solving. Firms that hire for such roles include Cognizant Business Consulting, Bain (BCC), KPMG, PwC, Infosys Management Consulting, Michael Page, Deloitte, PeopleStrong, Cartesian Consulting & many more.
  2. Private EquityJust like investment banking, your investment acumen comes into action in a private equity job profile. Companies that recruit are Religare, Magma Fincorp, DE Shaw, Indiabulls Housing Finance, Kotak Life, Angel Broking, ICICI Prudential Asset Management, Bajaj Finserv, Kotak Wealth Management, JPMorgan Chase, Axis Securities, Fidelity Investments, Fullerton etc.
  3. Data analytics: With the digital revolution, making sense out of “big data” is becoming increasingly important for all kinds of businesses be it banking, retail, e-commerce or management. As a result many business schools have now started offering data analytics as an important part of their MBA programs. Companies like Fractal Analytics, LatentView Analytics hire MBA graduates as data scientists or data analysts.
  4. EntrepreneurshipAn MBA enhances your ability to be an entrepreneur. Be a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, choosing your career becomes easy with an MBA in your kitty.
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad

Pay package for MBA graduates from top B-schools

There has been only a marginal rise in the pay package as reported by the top B-schools in India. Click on each college to know more about their placements. The average pay scale has been illustrated in the table below:

B-SchoolAverage Salary (INR)
Top Recruiting Areas
IIM Indore15.67 lakh per annumFinance, Marketing & Sales
IIM Shillong14 lakh per annumConsulting, IT/ Analytics
IIM Ranchi15.14 lakh per annumMarketing & Sales
IIM Trichy13.01 lakh per annumMarketing
IIM Udaipur12.91 lakh per annumMarketing & Sales
IIM Raipur12.51 lakh per annumMarketing & Sales
IIFT, Delhi18.01 lakh per annum Marketing, Sales
FMS, Delhi20.5 lakh per annumConsulting, General Management
XLRI Jamshedpur18.5 lakh per annumFinance
NMIMS Mumbai17.09 lakh per annumBFSI
JBIMS Mumbai18.13 lakh per annumBFSI

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